It is a very special event when a child is born, mixed with great joy, expectations and some fears. In our society most families will share same happiness when a baby boy or a baby girl is born. However, when a baby boy is born there will be the traditional Circumcision Ceremony, the naming of the child and welcoming him to the Jewish Community. This happy event will be the reason for a family party, bearing with it important memories. Yet, when a baby girl is born, though the joy might be the same, it will not generally be followed by a Jewish Ceremony.

This is why, in recent years, different ceremonies -marking the birth of a baby girl, her naming and welcoming her to the Jewish Community- have been developed. The lack of traditions and rules in this area gives us great freedom in the way parents, family and the rabbi decide to shape the ceremony- it can take place at different dates, at the age of one month, on the occasion of the First Day of the Jewish month (Rosh Hodesh) or on any other significant date relatively close to birth. Many parents wish to mark this event and create a modern and religious Jewish ceremony. As a Rabbi and a woman, I often had the opportunity to accompany parents in this process and all were happy and thankful to have marked this birth with a personalized ceremony.