AN IMPORTANT LIFE CYCLE EVENT IS APPROACHING and you are thinking about how meaningful it would be for you and the family to mark this event in Israel with a Jewish Ceremony tailored to


Rabbi Valerie Stessin can help you create a ceremony that combines various aspects of our traditional heritage as well as pluralistic and egalitarian elements in what could emerge as an unforgettable and meaningful personal and family event.

Rabbi Valerie Stessin is an experienced and attentive person who can help you think about and consider the kinds of important Jewish ceremonies that are possible for you and your family. She has worked on a range of traditional and creative adaptations of Bar and Bat Mitzvas, engagements, marriages, and Simchat Bat or Ben ceremonies and end of life events. She is a listener, attentive to your values and ideas and can help you sift through the various issues and considerations you may have.

A Jerusalem resident for more than 30 years, she is also aware of the variety of venues and possibilities available in Israel. Rabbi Stessin studied at the Hebrew University and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and had the honor of being the first woman ordained a Rabbi in Israel by the Masorti/Conservative movement in 1993. Active for 20 years in Jewish education, recently she developed training programs for spiritual and pastoral care in Israel.

She could work with you in personal meetings over coffee or tea, by Skype, telephone or email. Rabbi Stessin can support you in conceiving and actualizing a personally relevant ceremony that honors your values and ideas.