Guest Speaker – Rabbi Valerie Stessin

Available in the USA and Canada - May 2019

During the last decade, Valerie is developing the field of Pastoral Care in Israel and currently teaching Spiritual Care through the Schwartz Center for Health and Spirituality.

Rabbi Valerie Stessin is was invited to teach in numerous conferences in Israel, in Europe and in the United States. She is a seasoned speaker and you will be surely satisfied if you invite her to talk at your congregation.


  1. The Start Up Nation and Spirituality or being a pioneer in importing American Spiritual Care to Zion  

  2. Can Judaism and Feminism live together in Israel? or what happened in 25 years since my ordination as the first woman Conservative Rabbi 

Interactive Workshops

  1. The secret life of Jewish trees or how to reconnect with your spiritual roots

  2. Oh my God ! forgot your name or how the multitude of God's names invite us to create our personal relationship with the Divine 

  3. Crossing the Bridges of Life or Coping better with Transitions